Development of Welding Fixture for Rocket Motor Casing Assembly

  • Venkateswarlu ChepuruEmail author
  • P. Kiran
  • B. Hari Prasad
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Rocket motor casing assembly is the critical and most significant assembly for an aerospace vehicle. Rocket Casing assembly is welded construction, consists of flow formed shell, front flange, aft flange, and external components like launch shoe, wing brackets, and wire tunnel lugs. The assembly of these components is carried out in two stages by tungsten insert gas welding. First stage is assembly of flanges to the shell and second stage is the assembly of external components to the flange subassembly. Four welding fixtures are developed for realization of rocket motor casing assembly. First fixture is designed for stage one (flange subassembly) to maintain correct relationship and alignment between flanges and shell. Remaining fixtures to align, locate the launch shoe, wing brackets, and wire tunnel lugs in a given orientation and position with respect to motor casing. Designed, developed, and utilized welding fixtures for realization of rocket motor casing.


Aerospace Welding fixture Rocket Motor Orthogonality 


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  • P. Kiran
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  • B. Hari Prasad
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  1. 1.Defence Research and Development Laboratory DRDOMinistry of DefenceHyderabadIndia

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