Environmental Impact and Ecotoxicological Influence of Biofabricated and Inorganic Nanoparticle on Soil Activity

  • Charles Oluwaseun AdetunjiEmail author


The application of nanoparticles of biological origin has been acknowledged and drawn the attention of several scientists in various sectors. This is premised on their various unique features that include high efficiency, stability, and their wide application in various fields most especially in agriculture and agro-allied industries which specialize in the production of agro-pesticides. Inorganic nanoparticles, most especially from metal and metal oxide, possess a more toxic potential and pose risks to human health when compared to the biofabricated nanoparticle on various soil activities. The effect of soil properties on varying levels of toxicity induced by nanoparticle toxicity is still unknown, and therefore it becomes imperative to determine the ecotoxicity and the impact of nanoparticles on soil activity after application. This review intends to report the nontargeted effect of bioengineered nanoparticle on microbial diversity, soil carbon and soil enzymes, physicochemical properties, nutrient, and bioavailability for sustainable healthy planet and provision of safe food.


Nanoparticles Metal oxide Biofabricated nanoparticle Ecotoxicology Bioengineered 


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