South Asian Labour Unrests and Non-Citizenry Aspects of Popular Politics in the Gulf

  • M. H. Ilias


This chapter examines how the idea of popular politics has flourished among a marginalized section of expatriate labourers in the Gulf society through a set of subtle informal expressions. Taking cues from the experience of Indian labourers in the Gulf, this chapter seeks to provide accounts of non-citizenry aspects of popular politics apparently manifested in the recent labour strikes. As it happens all over the region, popular politics of expatriate labourers revolves around the ideas and practices of rights rather than around ideas of political power which in the case of Gulf States is inaccessible for immigrant population. The ways in which values and practices of dissent and democracy become entrenched in popular politics and thereby in the political imagination of non-citizen labourers in a subtle manner are examined by analysing the experience of protest movements of South Asian labourers.

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  • M. H. Ilias
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