Annotated List of Amphibians and Reptiles of Jammu and Kashmir State

  • D. N. Sahi
  • Sakshi Koul
Part of the Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation book series (TOBC, volume 18)


In this chapter 17 species of amphibians and 63 species of reptiles are documented from the territories of the Jammu and Kashmir State. The amphibian species belong to ten genera under four families in the order Anura. Among the families, Ranidae is the largest (with eight species in six genera), followed by Bufonidae (with six species in a single genus), Microhylidae (with two species in two genera), and Pelobatidae (with a single species). Most of the amphibian species are reported from the Zanskar range in the Greater Himalayan zone. The reptilian species are grouped into 44 genera under 14 families and 3 orders (Chelonia, Lacertilia, and Ophidia). Chelonia contain 7 species belonging to 5 genera in 2 families, Lacertilia contain 24 species belonging to 15 genera in 6 families, whereas Ophidia contain 32 species belonging to 24 genera in 6 six families. Colubridae (Ophidia) is the largest family with 20 species in 13 genera, followed by Agamidae (Lacertilia) with 7 species in 4 genera and Gekkonidae (Lacertilia) with 7 species in 3 genera. The family Scincidae (Lacertilia) has five species in four genera, whereas Eublepharidae (Lacertilia) and Pythonidae (Ophidia) are represented by a single species each. Most of the reptiles are reported to occur along the Shivalik Himalayan zone.


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