Effect of Planting Dates on Agronomic Crop Production

  • Ghulam Abbas
  • Haseeb Younis
  • Sahrish Naz
  • Zartash Fatima
  • Atique-ur-Rehman
  • Sajjad Hussain
  • Mukhtar Ahmed
  • Shakeel AhmadEmail author


The influence of planting dates on productivity of agronomic crops assumes pivotal significance. Optimum planting date has remained unambiguously one of the most imperative agronomic factors to achieve higher production and is believed to be important under changes in climatic circumstances in the present and future scenario. Planting date is determined through occurrence of weeds, diseases and pests attacks, and temperature of soil and environment weather parameters, circumstances to which young seedlings and agronomic crop plants are exposed to during various phenological stages and phases. Appropriate planting date is a main factor to enhance resources use efficiency. Additionally, an appropriate planting date in a specific ecological setting makes possible the accumulation of required thermal time essential for appropriate growth and development of agronomic crops. An appropriate planting time is different in various agroecological conditions. Under the warming climatic trend where crop-growing season is usually short and quick, an increase in temperature is observed at the end of the growing season which is unfavorable for growth and development of crop, and sowing date assumes a higher significance. The adaptation of an optimum planting date under changing climatic conditions is necessary as stress under thermal trend will shrink in critical developmental phases and ultimately results in decreased productivity of agronomic crops. Optimum sowing date enhanced yield components and yield to ensure food security worldwide.


Sowing date Productivity Adaptation Climate change Yield Optimum growing conditions 


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