Prehistoric Art and Living Traditions: A Study of Selected Rock Art Sites in Odisha

  • Dibishada B. Garnayak


This chapter makes a list of few rock art sites found in Odisha, and thus explores the creative genius of the early human. In itself the arts are significant in that they express knowledge, beliefs and practices of our early ancestors. But the significance of the chapter lies in the fact that it has made an attempt to explore the perception of local people, tribal and non-tribal, about these rock arts and to study the influence of rock art sites on their contemporary life including their concepts of beliefs and practices. In doing so, the chapter examines change and continuity of art forms and associated beliefs from prehistoric times. It is a methodological innovation in the study of tribal culture as a process of acculturation and assimilation with reference to the past.


Prehistoric art Rock art site Living memory Beliefs and practices Deities and spirits Epic hero 


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