Including EAS-SGR IT Risk Framework in an IT GRC Global Framework

  • Hajar IguerEmail author
  • Hicham Medromi
  • Adil Sayouti
  • Saadia Tallal
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In the context of IT governance, different companies are using their expertise to come out with a new solution that helps their own governance. In fact, information systems managers struggle to comply with laws and regulations applied by their companies countries. With the variety of tools and frameworks, they need to know all processes in order to apply the only process that is going to be of help to their systems. In our case, we choose to discuss and study IT risk management which constitute an important component of the IT-GRC architecture. We have published several papers in this subject and we are still enhancing different aspects of the EAS-SGR architecture. In this paper, we will demonstrate the several interconnexions between IT-GRC components. These systems are based on multi-agent and expert systems knowing their integrated artificial intelligence. This expertise is one of our primal elements that were never used before in scientific research.


IT risks management EAS-SGR architecture Expert system Multi-agent systems 


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  • Hicham Medromi
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  • Adil Sayouti
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  • Saadia Tallal
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  2. 2.EAS Team, LISER LaboratoryENSEMCasablancaMorocco

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