History of Transforaminal Full-Endoscopic Lumbar Surgery

  • Koichi Sairyo
  • Toru Maeda


Transforaminal approach was started as the technique of percutaneous discectomy by Hijikata in Japan. Hijikata’s method was minimally invasive; however, it could not remove the entire herniated mass in the spinal canal because he did not use the endoscope. From the later 1980s, a trial was started by Kambin, Schreiber and Leu to utilize an endoscope or arthroscope in the percutaneous discectomy technique. The current single-portal endoscopic discectomy was established by Anthony Yeung. Initially, the indication was only for the herniated nucleus pulposus. Nowadays, thanks to the development of the instruments and high-speed drill, the indication enlarged to the spinal canal stenosis. These full-endoscopic spinal surgeries can be done under local anesthesia with 8 mm skin incision. This must be the least invasive spine surgery.


Full-endoscopic spine surgery Kambin triangle Local anesthesia Transforaminal approach 


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