Works and Life in Engineering Design at Shanghai and Yunnan Province (1951–1969)

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After four years of training as an apprentice engineer, I became certified and began specializing in engineering design in 1951 and worked at this position until 1969. This period coincided with establishment of PRC in 1949, and the Recovery Period of PRC (1950–1952). In 1953, planning for development of China started in preparation and implementation of China’s First Five-Year Plan. Many new projects were constructed in this period to meet the demand of national economic and social development and engineering design was the first step in the construction and completion of projects. Demand of external environment provided a great opportunity for me to sharpen my design skills in many projects, from low level simple projects to high level complex ones. This chapter will describe my work and life in Shanghai Power Company (SPC), Engineering Department of East China Naval Headquarter at Shanghai before 1958, and my work and life in Kunming Hydropower Design Institute and Design Department of Bureau of Electricity, Yunnan Province. Regarding my life during this period, only major work and important events will be presented.


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