Industrial Network Protection by SDN-Based IPS with AI

  • Filip HolikEmail author
  • Petr Dolezel
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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1178)


This paper analyses requirements of industrial networks in relation to usability of the software-defined networking concept. This modern approach to centralized software management of data networks can bring many advantages, especially in security area, into industrial networks. These networks, originally based on proprietary protocols, are nowadays being transformed into standard IP-based networks. This transition promises significant cost saving and operation simplification, but it makes industrial networks more vulnerable to modern security threats. These threats are now using automation and distributed resources to increase the number of successful security incidents.

The paper defines requirements for a software-defined network-based protection system to mitigate these threats. Based on these requirements, the system is designed and implemented. To cope with complex security threats, the system implements a functionality of artificial intelligence, which can autonomously perform various filtering operations. The system is evaluated with a positive result as the artificial intelligence achieves a success rate of over 99%.


AI Industrial networks IPS Neural networks SDN 


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