Implementation of Parallel Visualization Method for Large Data Based on Cloud Platform

  • Jinhai ZhangEmail author
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With the development of science and technology, all kinds of scientific calculation data are increasing. Visualizing the data to obtain important information in the data becomes an urgent need. However, with the increasing amount of data, the computational performance required for visualization is also getting higher and higher. The traditional single-machine visualization rendering scheme is often too low in computing performance and too long in drawing time, which can not meet the needs of large data visualization in scientific calculations. The cloud platform has a variety of features that can be selected for computing performance and can be expanded anywhere, and the drawing environment can be moved from the local to the cloud platform. It can be more convenient for parallel rendering, which greatly improves the visual efficiency and saves the drawing time. The experimental results show that parallel visualization on cloud platform is a good scheme, which can greatly facilitate the data visualization of scientific research staff.


Cloud platform Para view Visualization Parallel rendering 


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