Biosensors and Nanobiosensors in Environmental Applications

  • Mojtaba Salouti
  • Fateme Khadivi Derakhshan


There is a big demand for fast, reliable, and low-cost systems for the detection, monitoring, and diagnosis of pollutant in the environment and agriculture. Quantitative analysis of environmental samples is usually carried out using traditional analytical methods such as chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques to identify various environmental contaminants. These methods, although accurate and sensitive, require sophisticated and expensive instrumentation, expert personnel for their operation, and multistep and complicated sample preparation. These techniques are also labor-intensive and time-consuming, and it is hard to monitor contaminants on site, in real time, and at high frequency. To overcome the issues associated with current diagnostic techniques, a wide range of new biosensors (an analytical device for the quantitative detection of analyte with a biologically active element) are being developed. Several of these biosensors rely on nanotechnological platforms. Hence, in this chapter, an emphasis has been given on the deployment of nanobiosensor in detection of pollutant in the environment.


Environmental pollution Detection Biosensors Nanobiosensors 


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