Nanomaterials: Emerging Trends and Future Prospects for Economical Agricultural System

  • Nitin Kumar
  • Abarna Balamurugan
  • M. Mohiraa Shafreen
  • Afrin Rahim
  • Siddharth Vats
  • Kanchan VishwakarmaEmail author


In developing countries, when it comes to national economy, one of the important building blocks is agriculture. The food production rate has risen, which has a substantial role in a country’s gross domestic production. The application of pesticides and fertilizers determines the rate of food production. Agricultural growth and food production are very much dependent on parameters like soil health, water availability, climate change, etc. Since the world population is expanding at an alarming rate, the food production needs to be enhanced, and adverse agricultural conditions have to be regulated. Supporting the massive increase in population, the sustainable development of agriculture is required. With latest advancements, new avenues have been opened up by nanotechnology in the field of food processing and crop improvement. The present chapter highlights the role and emergence of nanomaterials in agriculture system.


Nanomaterials Sustainable agriculture Nanofertilizers Targeted delivery 


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