Factor-Based Data Mining Techniques in Determining Agri-preneurial Skills

  • Monika Gupta VashishtEmail author
  • Vishal B. Soni
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Shifting behavior of farmers from agriculture to other fields is alarming. The study undertaken is focused on inculcating agri-preneurial skills for better farming environment. For this, the major factors affecting farming were identified. Farmers residing in rural areas have been approached by a team of management graduates based on convenience and judgment. Initiatives taken by central and state government from time to time in this context were also taken into consideration. Factor Analysis, a regression-based data mining technique, has been applied to find major dimensions causing farming distress. Based on these dimensions, innovative ways to manage agri-preneurship have been analyzed. Besides this, other areas such as farm tourism have also been explored. An attempt has been made to motivate youth and women in family of farmers to provide support in this initiative.


Agri-preneurial skills Farmer Environment India Factor analysis 


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