Analysis on the Reform Path of College English Teaching in Local Engineering Colleges Under the Background of Big Data

  • Xiangying CaoEmail author
  • Juan Huang
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1117)


The information revolution in the era of big data has had a huge impact on education, which has led to changes in teaching methods. This paper analyzes the problems in college English teaching in local engineering colleges from the aspects of college English tutorials, teaching resources, methods and teaching objects. The transformation of big data technology based on mobile Internet will have a full impact on college English teaching in China, which will promote the new environment of English teaching. On the basis of analyzing the new teaching environment generated by big data, explore how to further utilize big data information technology and resource reform local colleges and universities college English teaching, it mainly includes: constructing a three-dimensional curriculum system, creating a mixed teaching mode of “Mooc- class, micro-class + flip classroom”, and integrating college English teaching resources.


Big data era Information transformation Local engineering colleges College English teaching 



This work is supported by the project of education reform in Jiangxi Province: An Empirical Study of Teaching Mode of Interpretation on Eco-translatology (JXJG-18-25-6).


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