Analysis of ASTM Standards Developing Mode and Its Enlightenment

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The background of domestic association standards presenting mainly contains policy requirement, market requirement and overseas experience. In terms of the third background, association standards have been accepted practice for a long time. This paper studies the organizational structure of ASTM, the division of responsibilities and the standardization technical organization of ASTM. The standard development policy of ASTM is studied from the aspects of standard development procedure, standard type and appeal mechanism. In addition, it analyzes the characteristics of ASTM standard developing model and its enlightenment to Chinese association standardization work in order to provide reference and help for the association standardization work in China.


ASTM Association standards Standard development procedure Appeal mechanism 



This research was financially supported by Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China project <Research on Chinese and foreign standardization system architecture> (Project Number: 572018B-6575).


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