Design of Community Rehabilitation Service System and APP for Cerebral Stroke Elderly

  • Ruibo SongEmail author
  • Shuaijun Feng
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1117)


To solve the problem that cerebral stroke elderly cannot recover effectively, we should pay attention to the rehabilitation experience of the old people with cerebral apoplexy, so that the old people with cerebral apoplexy can keep a positive attitude for rehabilitation training. By using service design tools such as user portrait and user journey map, the rehabilitation of elderly stroke patients was studied, and the contact points of products and people were analyzed and studied in one day of rehabilitation training activities, and problems, pain points and demands in the rehabilitation process were found. The new experience mode of community rehabilitation for the elderly with cerebral apoplexy can strengthen the closeness between the elderly and the community, eliminate the inferiority complex in the heart of the elderly, strengthen self-identity, and promote the rehabilitation of neurological function and limb motor function.


Cerebral stroke elderly Community rehabilitation Service design APP 



This achievement is funded by the 2018 shandong province art education special project entitled “design art innovation research based on problem thinking”.


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