A Comparative Discussion on Various Modern Video Retrieval Strategies

  • K. Mallikharjuna LingamEmail author
  • V. S. K. Reddy
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1118)


In the recent past, wide ranges of video retrieval processes were presented by different researchers. In order to boost the ease of access of video clip, keen applications, which have item removal, video purchasing, video clip healing and also fast perusing are performed with foundation demonstrating and also recovery summation. That is, both vital outline video reading and also explicit product recuperation reading can be performed on the very first video clip. Secondly, the techniques based on material matching for video access are evaluated. In view of these actualities, we provide a query by the criterion video clip recovery method, in this paper. We present a computation for comparability collaborating, to find the neighbourhood video clip set-ups with various sizes. In addition, the computation can find the similitude between an inquiry video clip and an item of another video clip group. Amid this treatment, a certainty price will be taken into consideration that makes the inexact similitude coordinating possible. The access methods based on info concept are additionally reviewed. In the recent years, a substantial arrangement of video documents is made and quickly sight, and also sound growth makes a brand-new examination aware preparing the world. Our proposed technique is in view of detailed theory. These structures consist of three essential components which integrate: shot border detection, ordered video clip synopsis, and submit and recover target video clip.


Video retrieval Object detection Content matching Video matching Video searching Information theory 


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