Using a DC–DC Converter and the P&O Scheme for MEO Without Transmitter and Receiver Communication—A Design Example

  • Wenxing ZhongEmail author
  • Dehong Xu
  • Ron Shu Yuen Hui
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For solar power applications, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is a well-known concept. A similar idea could be applied to WPT systems, except that the objective is now to maximize the efficiency for WPT. In this chapter, the method of using a DC-DC converter and the P&O control scheme for MEO without transmitter and receiver communication is explored and evaluated. Using the DC-DC converter in the receiver module to emulate the optimal equivalent load condition dynamically, the method ensures automatic MEO by searching for the minimum input power operation point for a given output power. The operating principle is demonstrated in a two-resonator WPT system.

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