Circular Domino-Resonator Systems

  • Wenxing ZhongEmail author
  • Dehong Xu
  • Ron Shu Yuen Hui
Part of the CPSS Power Electronics Series book series (CPSS)


A straight domino system constructed with coaxial coils has only one main power path. However, a domino-resonator system may contain non-coaxial resonators. In this chapter, the general analysis of domino-resonator systems with non-coaxial axes is presented. The mathematical formulation of domino-resonator systems with non-coaxial resonators is employed to analyze circular domino systems that have two main power flow paths. The interactions of the two paths are analyzed with superposition principle and explained with the help of vector diagrams.


  1. 1.
    Zhong WX, Lee CK, Hui SY (2012) Wireless power domino-resonator systems with non-coaxial axes and circular structures. IEEE Trans Power Electron 27(11):4750–4762 CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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