Health Monitoring System Using IoT

  • A. SelvanayakamEmail author
  • A. C. Varishnee
  • M. Kalaivani
  • G. Ranjithkumar
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Health monitoring is a major issue found in recent days. Due to a lack of proper health monitoring systems, the patient may suffer from various health issues. Internet of things (IoT) devices are hosted nowadays to screening the health of patients over the Internet. Specialists are manipulating these keen gadgets to watch out for the patients. In human service innovations, IoT is quickly inconsistent with the healthcare industry. Our framework embraces the sensors which are associated with a microcontroller to monitor tolerant comfort. In this mission, we will create many features using an IoT-based health monitoring system which chronicles the patient heartbeat rate, body temperature, and unconsciousness. As well, IoT gives an email/SMS alert at whatever points those readings goes past basic qualities. Heartbeat rate and body temperature readings are noted, so tenacious welfare can be tartan from anywhere on the planet over the web.


Pulse sensors Arduino GSM module Wi-Fi module Heartbeat rate Body temperature Unconsciousness 


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  • A. C. Varishnee
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  • M. Kalaivani
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  • G. Ranjithkumar
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  1. 1.Sri Krishna College of Engineering and TechnologyCoimbatoreIndia
  2. 2.Easa College of Engineering and TechnologyCoimbatoreIndia

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