Large Soil-Cement Column Applications in Vietnam

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Industrial and infrastructure projects in Vietnam are often constructed with soft soil conditions, thus many soil improvement methods are usually used. Large Soil-cement Column (LSCC) is one of state-of-the-art soil improvement techniques recently applied in construction in Vietnam. Successful applications in industrial zones (Hoa Phat steel plant and Duyen Hai thermal power plant) and tunnelling projects (Hochiminh Metro Line 1 CP1a & CP1b) showed a huge benefit of this method. With advantages of safety, lower costs, shorter construction time and high quality products, LSCC is predicted to become a popular soil improvement method in Vietnam where a significant increase of the industrial and infrastructure project number is foreseen. Looking back the LSCC approach and its applications, technical lessons are derived in order to improve LSCC work for future projects.


Large soil-cement column Jet grouting Tunneling 


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