A Comparative Study of DoS Attack Detection and Mitigation Techniques in MANET

  • Divya GautamEmail author
  • Vrinda Tokekar
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Mobile ad hoc network is a self-configured, decentralized, constellation of machines that together form architecture less movable network. Because of dynamic changing nature of the network, it is more prone to various attacks. DDoS attacks are the major security risk on mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). DDoS attacks have the tendency to make large volume of unauthorized traffic, due to which the legitimate users cannot use the resources. In this work, various DDoS detection and mitigation techniques have been analyzed. This work has abridged various types of DDoS techniques and attack detection methods. It has also identified advantages and disadvantages of various DDoS defense mechanisms. Volumes of academic research have been discussed that depicts a diverse array of methodologies in detecting, preventing, and mitigating the impact of DDoS attacks.


MANET DDoS attack DDoS algorithms Zero-day attack Resource depletion 


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