A Comprehensive Review and Performance Evaluation of Recent Trends for Data Aggregation and Routing Techniques in IoT Networks

  • Neeraj ChandnaniEmail author
  • Chandrakant N. Khairnar
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Internet of things (IoT) is a ubiquitous network which supports and offers a system that observes and manages the physical world through the aggregation, filtering, and investigation of generated data using IoT devices. Aggregation of data and routing of nodes in IoT devices are always challenging tasks. A well-organized data aggregation and routing of nodes is necessary factor for successful placement and use of IoT devices. IoT devices usually share large amount of data that can be converted into information. The information is aggregated to enhance the overall efficiency of the IoT network. Data aggregation is the process in which information is collected and expressed for the purpose of statistical analysis. Routing in the IoT network plays a vital role. IoT devices act as routers for sending information to the gateways. The routing of data affects the power consumption of progressing IoT devices. For these reasons, aggregation of data and routing of nodes are important for IoT devices. This paper conveys and evaluates comparison on current data aggregation and routing techniques of IoT devices. Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol is simulated for ten different mobility conditions, and its performance is observed in respect of throughput, delay, and packet delivery ratio.


IoT devices Data aggregation Centralized data aggregation Cluster-based data aggregation Tree-based data aggregation Cluster and non-cluster-based routing Secure routing AODV 


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