A Brief Literature on Optimization Techniques and Their Applications

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  • Anoj Kumar
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 103)


Meta-heuristics optimization algorithm is becoming identically popular from the last two decades, and a lot of proposed work has been employed in this field to solve large number of engineering problems, real-world problems, and all other such kinds of problems those are not easy to solve in deterministic amount of time. Such types of problems are known to be NP-hard, and corresponding constraint variables of objective functions contain continuous values. To solve that kind of problem, randomize algorithms (optimization algorithms) come into account that begin with random solutions. This work gives a brief idea about swarm intelligence optimization algorithm, evolutionary algorithms, physical algorithms, and biologically inspired optimization algorithms with their applications. The outcome of these algorithms is prominent in many applications, data set and engineering problems. Some are described in this article out of them.


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