Image Enhancement Filter

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  • Siddarth Pratap Singh
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Digital image processing begins with the acquisition of image which is a start point for further analysis. Whenever an imaging camera takes a picture of some object, more often than not, that particular picture is unusable for the intended purposes directly. Noise in an image is a common phenomenon and is affecting the quality of the image hugely as there is significant amount of deviation in the concentration of pixels of the image. Disturbances and variation in image intensity largely contribute to noising in these images. Image filters are very useful in emphasizing edges or the boundaries between objects or parts of objects in images. Filters provide greater support in the visual interpretation of images. This paper reviews types of noises present in images. It also discusses ways for reducing the quantity of noise and thereby increasing the quality of an image. This paper discusses various filtering techniques and finally how to jointly remove Gaussian and salt-and-pepper noise.


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