Visual Inspection of Penstocks and Water Tunnels for Hydropower Plants in Malaysia

  • O. EdzhamEmail author
  • L. Jansen
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A penstock is important component in hydropower plant system. The penstock is used to feed or carry away water from the reservoir to the hydro turbine for power generation. High pressure penstocks for hydroelectric power stations are made from steel and reinforced concrete. During operation, the penstocks will be filled with water and over time, the condition of the penstock is unknown and ascertained. Therefore, inspection of the penstock and water passage should be carried out for signs of deterioration such as cracking, erosion or cavitation. The coating of the penstock should also be inspected for signs of damage to the protective treatment and corrosion of the metal.

This paper aims to discuss some defects observed during the inspection and the possible remedial measures.


Visual Inspection Penstock Hydropower 


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