The Blockchain and Westphalia: Digitalization Crosses Borders

  • Will Hickey


The blockchain offers a secure and impartial IT platform that can store vast amounts of transactions for any asset or item that can be digitized. It cannot be manipulated due to its long hash codes and legacy of transactions that promote continuity of any object by node consensus. This has significant value in eliminating any and all bureaucracy involved in governance if ideally applied. If contracts, land registry, social insurance, taxes, voter identification, education and census records can be placed on the blockchain and accepted legally as a valid medium of recognition, much bureaucratic meddling, inefficiency, and opportunities for corruption could be mitigated. This is important for developing countries with politically placed bureaucracy, and a history of corrupt practices. Blockchain’s unbiased realm confronts Westphalian norms directly.

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  • Will Hickey
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  1. 1.Former two-time US Fulbright Professor, 2003 & 2009Professor of Management, GDUFSCantonChina

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