Tuning of Fractional Order Controller and Prefilter in MIMO Robust Motion Control: SCARA Robot

  • Mohamed AllaguiEmail author
  • Najah Yousfi
  • Nabil Derbel
  • Pierre Melchior
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 270)


Quite recently, fractional approaches was greatly used in control engineering area. Several methodologies based on fractional controllers tuning has been treated. In this work, a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) quantitative feedback theory (QFT) method is mixed with a fractional order PD\(^{\mu }\) controller and a fractional prefilter to govern multivariable systems. Each obtained sub-systems from the MIMO QFT technique is controlled independently. A new analytic tuning method of fractional order controller is developed in the aim to ensure stability and robustness. After the controller tuning a fractional order prefilter is designed and optimized to reach the desired performances. The proposed method effectiveness will be tested and evaluated based on a real robot model.


Control Fractional calculus Fractional order controller Fractional prefilter MIMO processes Robotic Robustness 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Mohamed Allagui
    • 1
    Email author
  • Najah Yousfi
    • 1
  • Nabil Derbel
    • 1
  • Pierre Melchior
    • 2
  1. 1.CEM Laboratory in Control & Energy Management, ENISUniversity of SfaxSfaxTunisia
  2. 2.IMS-UMR 5218 CNRS, University of Bordeaux-IPB-Talence cedexBordeauxFrance

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