Different Modules for Car Parking System Demonstrated Using Hough Transform for Smart City Development

  • Janak D. TrivediEmail author
  • M. Sarada Devi
  • Dhara H. Dave
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 169)


Searching for the parking space is a time-consuming task while visiting for shopping or unknown cities. Real-time parking management gets benefited for the development of the smart city and also reduces time for finding the parking place. In this chapter, different two types of modules for car parking are simulated using a combination of Hough transform, edge detection, and color enhancement method. Different car parking modules are circular shape-based: (i) parallel parking with a different radius and (ii) angle parking with the same radius. Real-time video is captured using an android smartphone with an IP camera. The proposed research work can enhance the solution for real-time parking solution in big malls and theater. Limitation and future scope of this will give motivation toward research work on an intelligent transportation system (ITS) development in India. For small-scale version here, we have used toy cars and bus with a different color for parking modules.


Parking Hough transform Intelligent transportation system (ITS) IP webcam 


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  • Janak D. Trivedi
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    Email author
  • M. Sarada Devi
    • 2
  • Dhara H. Dave
    • 1
  1. 1.Electronics and Communication DepartmentGEC Bhavnagar, Gujarat Technological UniversityGujaratIndia
  2. 2.Electronics and Communication DepartmentAIT Ahmedabad, Gujarat Technological UniversityGujaratIndia

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