The Use of Influencers in Social Media Marketing

  • Mariana Oliveira
  • Renata Barbosa
  • Alexandre SousaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 167)


In conventional marketing, companies invest in television, radio ads, billboards, etc. and are forced to create a standard campaign for the general public. In Social Media Marketing, companies develop techniques and methods to locate and reach their target audience creating a precise differentiation of customers, determining values, needs, desires, etc. In this context, the Influencers represent a recent kind of social media product placement and major/minor celebrity recommendation. By analyzing Social Media Marketing, we can obtain a way to categorize and evaluate the Influencers, considering numeric data, such as number of views, followers/subscribers, likes, and engagement rate, but also more subjective data such as personality.


Star power Social media marketing Influencers marketing Celebrity endorsements Social media celebrities Portuguese influencers 


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