Implementation of Handoff System to Improve the Performance of a Network by Using Type-2 Fuzzy Inference System

  • Ritu
  • Hardeep Singh Saini
  • Dinesh Arora
  • Rajesh Kumar
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1097)


Wireless networks comprise of different networks such as cellular, WiFi, WIMAX, etc. Mobility-based networks are increasing at a rapid rate and similarly, the demands of the users to access Internet are also increasing at any time and at any place. Thus, to fulfill the demands of the users, an effective handover is required. However, with the advancement in technology, the methods used earlier were not seemingly more effective. In the traditional approaches, the limited numbers of parameters are used. This paper consists of a scheme of advancement in the fuzzy system of inference, i.e. fuzzy type-2, as it provides an additional design for systems used in situations with large amount of uncertainties. It is concluded with the simulation results that the proposed system outperformed the traditional approach by increasing the number of parameters to be utilized in achieving the handoff.


Wireless network Handoff Fuzzy system Crisp values Membership functions 


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  • Ritu
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  • Hardeep Singh Saini
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  • Dinesh Arora
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  • Rajesh Kumar
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  1. 1.Indo Global College of EngineeringMohaliIndia
  2. 2.Chandigarh Engineering CollegeMohaliIndia

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