An Android-Based Mobile Application to Help Alzheimer’s Patients

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Alzheimer’s is an incessant neurodegenerative ailment that to a degree influences around 44 million people around the world. Because of its infection results, Alzheimer’s patients confront a few memory troubles, which is firmly associated with their day-by-day lives. So as to assist Alzheimer’s patient with coping up with the memory misfortunes, specialists propose the incitement of the memory of patient by utilizing an application which will incorporate sustenance data, exercise data, mind diversions, and so on. In order to take care of this developing issue, in this research paper we build up a simple-to-utilize versatile use cases that provide assistance to Alzheimer’s Patients mainly the people associated with them like their family members or guardian by assisting the patient and their guide to recall the life occasions. Thus, it essentially includes three key highlights: Workout, Games, and Food. Games can be a method used for photo validation and so forth. Exercise segment incorporates data about different exercise for Alzheimer’s patient. Food section incorporates data in regard to the eating routine graph and diet plan of the patient. Reminder segment includes the expansion of cautions highlight. The principal highlight of this work is constructing an application that could energize the customary step-by-step nearness of a person influenced by Alzheimer’s infection.


Alzheimer’s Dementia Family Games Food Reminder 


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