Password-Based Circuit Breaker for Fault Maintenance

  • Arijit GhoshEmail author
  • Seden Bhutia
  • Bir Hang Limboo
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1040)


It has been observed that in many power stations at the time of repairing the electrical lines due to lack of communication between the station and the maintenance staff, the number of accidents is increasing each day. This proposed circuit ensures lineman safety and makes it easier for them. With the help of 8051 microcontroller, a system has been developed which can ON/OFF the electrical lines after a fault is sensed by the relays or the circuit breaker and trips the faulty circuit and isolates them. By using passwords, the specific faulty line can be isolated by leaving the other lines working without any interference. After repairing it, the circuit is switched on and starts working. The main motivation of this circuit is to build a system which is safe for the staff working in the power stations.


8051 microcontroller Password Fault maintenance Relay 


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