What Makes Concrete a Possible Contender for Sustainable Development?—A Panoramic View

  • K. Ganesh BabuEmail author
  • Y. Amarnath
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 61)


Concrete has served as a rival material of construction not just over the past hundred years alone but also in some format or the other has been in existence from times immemorial. The present effort is to look at the broad panorama of its development, in general, and to look at the various facets of its more recent modulations to see how it is coping up with the requirements of sustainability. One of the objectives is not just to concentrate only on the so-called use of materials like supplementary cementitious materials and demolition wastes, but to look at comprehensively in all different formats to ascertain its capacity to perform as a sustainable material of construction. In principle, this would mean that the concrete composites of high strength or even ultra-high strength apart from the other modulations in between have all got to be carefully analyzed and demarcated, for an appropriate utilization ensuring sustainability, particularly in the Indian scenario.


Concrete Durability High Performance Concrete Sustainable Development Ultra High Performance Concrete 

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