Evolving Ideas of Teaching and Research in Engineering Institutions During My Journey in Academics Over Five Decades

  • Bayya YegnanarayanaEmail author


Being in the academic field for over 5 decades, I felt that I should write my views on teaching and research, especially in engineering institutions, based on my experience. Frankly, I have been collecting my thoughts on this subject over the past several years, and I do express them in limited forums, like in my general talks I give while addressing the students and faculty in academic institutions. I am very hesitant to put my thoughts in writing, as it may invite criticism because many of the ideas go against the currently held views by most educational planners and administrators. Finally, I ventured to write this, mainly expressing my personal views, based on the changes I have been observing in the education field during my 5 decades of teaching and research in engineering institutions. Please note that these are my personal views, many of which may not be backed up by solid facts and figures.

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