Ontological Approach to Analyze Traveler’s Interest Towards Adventures Club

  • Toseef AslamEmail author
  • Maria Latif
  • Palwashay Sehar
  • Hira Shaheen
  • Tehseen Kousar
  • Nazifa Nazir
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1087)


Now tourisms has become an industry and many adventure clubs offer different adventure trips for the travelers. So there is a need for a system for travelers which prefer their choices and give them all needed information in one place. We proposed a new travel recommended system for adventurers, which provides a defined solution to user demands. It is a “Knowledge Base system” a smart recommender system with domain-specific ontology. Queries can be constructed in natural language and a related query management strategy is developed. The solution space is searched from two perspectives: user demand and offers relevance. Many systems working on this perspective but in Pakistan not such systems present which preference user choices. Pakistan is a country which is rich in adventure tourism and a good choice for international adventurers. So there is need such a system for based on user interest and their desired information. In the following system, we will deal with the main problems that adventurer presents in terms of information search and decision-making processes according to the domain ontology.


System for travel recommendation Knowledge base system Ontology Similarity computation Queries matching 



Pakistan is a beautiful country with great scenery and the government of Pakistan wants to enhance tourism industry in country. So in country a special need for such a system which fulfills users’ requirements. We conduct a survey of 120 persons and collect their choice and create a system and again conduct a survey and give detailed results. In this study, Khizar Hameed and Junaid Haseeb guide us and check our results. Our whole participants know our study purpose and they are happy to participate in our study project. We present our study with the help of University of Lahore, computer science department.


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