The Role of Materials Engineer in the Product Cycle: A New Outlook

  • Mohamad S. El-ZeinEmail author
Part of the Indian Institute of Metals Series book series (IIMS)


The role that a materials engineer did and will be playing today and in the future is examined through a new outlook at function, education, training, project management, and collaboration. The need for this collaborative role through adjacencies’ knowledge is driven by the reliance of the industry on subject matter experts in light weighting, value addition, and cost optimization. Naturally, when looking at AL, for example, the assumption is that materials engineers know the design, analysis, experimental testing, supply chain, etc. This, however, assumes that a function is an engineering department, and not a single competency domain and is driving a different enterprise dynamics. A case will be showcased as to show this role change and how to drive the education system and the enterprise to redefine the engineering roles and functions.


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