Human Existence: Paradigm of Power Struggle

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  • Anoop Swarup


Human history is vast and humankind which has made tremendous progress in science and technology; yet, we need to ponder over the problem that 'have we come out from the caveman mentality'. In this chapter, the concept of power has been explored with the help of historical and philosophical perspectives. Definitions propounded by different scholars and schools, mainly the idealists and realists, have been analysed. Starting from Thucydides and going up to Morgenthau, one realizes that the realist school not only found prominence in the subject of political science but also in the field of politics. The chapter contemplates over the different kinds of approach to power employed by various societies, state and institutions and ponders over its impact as well. In this context, certain important ancient civilizations such as that of Greek, Romans and Egyptians, states under monarchy like India and the institution of United Nations have been studied. This is done to seek the difference in the approach of power between them.

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