Training and Skilling Within Knowledge Worker Services

  • Keith Sherringham
  • Bhuvan Unhelkar


The technology transformation of knowledge worker services sees increasing automation of routine operations with less knowledge workers involved in direct operations (“Run the Business”) and with revised skill sets, but also with more knowledge workers involved in managing the business (“Change the Business”) requiring different skill sets. Both in “Run the Business” and “Change the Business”, knowledge workers require higher skill sets than in current routine operations. Making this transition requires capacity and capability building, including both skilling (ability to do) and training (how to do) for existing staff and new hires. Big Data, analytics, real-time decision-making using artificial intelligence, and machine learning form Analytics as a Service (AaaS) that is not only transforming the roles of knowledge workers but is part of the capacity and capability building for knowledge worker transformations and is reviewed in this chapter.

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