Resiliency Within Knowledge Worker Services

  • Keith Sherringham
  • Bhuvan Unhelkar


Resilience is the ability of an organisation to respond to adverse events that impact its operations. Whether driven by market changes, economic factors, political reasons, or catastrophic events, the occurrence of adverse events is the business norm rather than the exception. Managing an organisation through these adverse events is the consistent and persistent application of existing business activities, though some reprioritisation and scaling up of functions may be required. By its nature, resiliency includes risk management, sustaining the business, managing a crisis, and recovery from a crisis. In addition, an organisation requires the necessary planning and capacities and capabilities for resiliency. The same components that make up resiliency enable a business to respond to rapid changes in technology and provide a common resource base for adapting operations to emergent technologies. The role of resiliency in knowledge worker services is discussed further in this chapter.

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