Knowledge Worker Services Transformation

  • Keith Sherringham
  • Bhuvan Unhelkar


I do good work, change is coming, help me with the change, and I can do more”. Rapid changes in ICT are transforming knowledge worker services and automating their operations. Making this transition is not a “One Size Fits All” approach. Rather, results come from the proven business practices for capacity and capability building (that are widely known) and their pragmatic consistent and persistent adoption against an overall strategy. Managing the knowledge worker transition is the combination of strategy and leadership, to influence the environment, to instil the behaviours, and, strengthened by skilling, it gives a business the capacity and capability to be adaptive, responsive, and resilient (i.e. respond to the rapid changes in technology). It is the actions of empowered individuals that form an emergent behaviour and the environment through which transformation occurs. The many aspects of the knowledge worker transformation, the use of automation, and changes to people, services, and operations have been discussed in related chapters, with this chapter consolidating the approach and reaffirming the pragmatic adoption. The expertise, skills, and solutions lie within the pride and professionalism of a business and its people. It is a matter of releasing it.

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