Project Management Within Knowledge Worker Services

  • Keith Sherringham
  • Bhuvan Unhelkar


The rapid changes in technology and the required organisational change are challenging the capacity and capability of an organisation to successfully deliver business-integrated technology transformation projects (projects, programs, and portfolios). Being able to respond fast enough, whilst managing the risks of change, and assuring both current and future services place a premium on the ability to manage projects around the ongoing operations and service delivery of a business. In addition, the alignment to strategy, allocation of resources, securing funds, managing delivery, integration into services, supporting operations, stakeholder engagement, customer engagement, regulatory needs, and working with suppliers are all aspects to be managed as knowledge worker services are automated. The role of project management (projects, programs, and portfolios) within knowledge worker service transformation is reviewed in this chapter along with the provision of Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) out of the cloud as part of the capacity and capability of an organisation to undergo transformation.

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  • Keith Sherringham
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