Effect of Composition and Process Parameter on Mechanical Properties of Composite Coating by Laser Cladding: An Overview

  • Ranit KarmakarEmail author
  • Subrata Kumar Ghosh
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Laser cladding is one of the finest surface modification techniques, to incorporate greater hardness, less wear and corrosion, resistance to oxidation at elevated temperature as well as very low coefficient of friction. Coating with different characteristics can be synthesized by control of the matrix and reinforcement composition of the coating, substrate material, and process parameters of laser beam precisely. Before starting any investigation or research, an investigator have to gather a thorough idea about previous studies in the relevant field. Hence, this article depicts the effect of input parameter on quality of laser cladded coating. In addition, effect on performances and different mechanical properties like microhardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and adhesion strength are also overviewed. Finally, the trends of future development are forecasted which will help a new research scholar to find interest in the field of laser cladded coating and its quality.


Laser cladding Coating Microhardness Wear resistance Corrosion resistance 


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