An Effective Duplicate Removal Algorithm for Text Documents

  • Amit Jha
  • Devendra SomwanshiEmail author
  • Mahesh Bundele
Conference paper
Part of the Algorithms for Intelligent Systems book series (AIS)


Maintaining the data quality of any database is always a critical aspect. To maintain the data quality, first of all, there is always a need to remove the redundant data significantly, when multiple data sources are integrated. In this paper, a new and effective data cleaning algorithm is presented aiming to remove duplicate data in text documents having different data types such as numbers, characters, words, and special symbols. The algorithm takes text data as input and removes the duplicate data through checking. Experiment results depict that the algorithm is simple and effective to deal with duplicate data and works fairly well.


Data cleaning Duplicate removal Redundant data 


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  1. 1.Poornima College of EngineeringJaipurIndia

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