Power Quality Improvement in a Grid-Tied SPV System Using Fractional-Order Proportional Integral Controller

  • Pankaj GakharEmail author
  • Manoj Gupta
Conference paper
Part of the Algorithms for Intelligent Systems book series (AIS)


In a grid-connected solar PV system, a control strategy is required for energy optimization as well as for providing clean electric power to the utility grid. This paper aims at the dynamic current control strategy by employing a fractional-order proportional integral controller for the purpose of improvement in the quality of power in a grid-coupled solar PV system. The strategy provides the liberty for independently controlling the real power (P) and reactive power (Q) flow from solar array to the utility grid. An entire investigation of the performance of the grid-coupled solar photovoltaic system has been done utilizing MATLAB/Simulink environment. The results from simulation show the power quality improvement by reducing the THD, i.e., total harmonic distortion, and also, the effectiveness of a fractional-order proportional integral controller (FO-PI) in the control strategy has been validated by comparing the results obtained by conventional proportional integral (PI) controller. The gain scheduling of both the controller has been done using adaptive genetic algorithm.


Power quality FO-PI controller Grid-connected PV Power management 


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  1. 1.Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering and TechnologyPoornima UniversityJaipurIndia

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