Antenna-Based RF Energy Harvesting

  • Parth T. ThakarEmail author
  • Nigam Shah
  • Rishabh Shah
  • Vibhav Sharma
  • Yukti Bandi
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 36)


Several useful forms of energy exist around us such as solar, wind, RF radiation, and piezoelectric. The objective of this paper is to throw light on energy-harvesting systems using radio frequency. The required RF energy is usually transmitted from various sources such as mobile towers, base stations, TV/Radio broadcasting stations, and Wi-Fi routers. The applicability of harvesting RF energy from the environment is to drive low-power devices without using any batteries. The systems operating on batteries eventually run out of them which then need charging. In any of the cases cited above, the devices can be operated sans the usage of connectors, battery panels, and cables, rendering these devices portable while in operation. This paper also focuses on parameters to design the system model, different frequency ranges that can be utilized, and the circuitry required for translating low voltage output obtained to a high voltage output for numerous applications.


RF energy HSMS 2852 Wi-Fi DC-DC buck boost RF-DC circuit Monopole antenna Horn antenna Duck Antenna Microstrip ANTENNA Ferrite toroid core Polarization 



We would like to thank Dr. Amit A. Deshmukh and Prof. Ameya Kadam for their support during the research process.


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  • Nigam Shah
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  • Rishabh Shah
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  • Vibhav Sharma
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  • Yukti Bandi
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