Design of Plus-Shape Microstrip Antenna Variations for Enhanced Wideband Response

  • Amit A. DeshmukhEmail author
  • Divya Singh
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 36)


The design of plus-shape microstrip antenna derived from rectangular microstrip antenna is discussed which yields impedance bandwidth of 69% in 6.5 GHz frequency spectrum. Formulation in resonant length at modified TM01 and TM20 modes for plus-shape rectangular patch and subsequent redesigning procedure for the configuration in 1–1.5 GHz frequency region is presented. The redesigned antenna yields 0.9 GHz (64.5%) of impedance BW. Further enhancement in plus-shape rectangular patch bandwidth is obtained by tuning TM21 mode frequency of the plus-shape antenna. This modified design yields 80% of impedance bandwidth in 6.5 GHz spectrum and 82% of VSWR bandwidth in 1–1.5 GHz frequency region. The modified design yields peak broadside gain of 8 dBi exhibiting better gain characteristics.


Plus-shape microstrip antenna Wideband microstrip antenna Resonant length formulation Higher-order modes in microstrip antenna 


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