Varying Angle Triangular Microstrip Antenna for Circular Polarized Response

  • Amit A. DeshmukhEmail author
  • Rutuja Patil
  • Rahul Maurya
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 36)


Detailed investigation into the orthogonal mode response of the triangular microstrip antenna against increasing angle is presented. With an offset feed position, angle changes the separation between TM10 and TM01 modes in triangular patch. The optimum spacing between two modes against varying angles yields circular polarized response. For 48° angle right-hand circular polarized response is obtained whereas with 72° angle, antenna exhibits left-hand circular polarization characteristics. In both the responses, triangular antennas yield axial ratio bandwidth of above 5% with polar radiation pattern showing maximum in broadside direction with peak co-polar gain of above 7 dBi. With realized antenna characteristics proposed antennas can be useful in application of mobile communication systems.


Circularly polarized microstrip antenna Triangular microstrip antenna Varying angle Sense of circular polarization Proximity feed 


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