The Space of Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations: The Way Forward

  • Santosh Kumar BiswalEmail author
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The place of Public Relations (PR) in today’s life is of utmost importance. It is required for social and business communication. Whatever the purpose of communication, it attempts to build a mutual relationship between an individual or an organization and its public. However, the face of PR has changed with the interventions from artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). PR persons equipped with AI are managing the reputation, strengthening the community relations, promoting brand values, and overall enhancing the online presence of their clients. However, the technology may not have the right approach all the time. Man and machine should be judiciously dealt with for the greater interest of the society. Therefore, research on AI in PR sector has become indispensable to make it more pragmatic and goal-oriented. However, the presence of human intelligence will be there forever.


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The researcher is sincerely thanking Sneha Verghese, Archana Kumari, and Prerona Sengupta for their insightful comments on the topic.


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